Show Your Nails In Winter!

A woman’s hand is the second face of a woman, and a woman’s nails are an embellishment on the second face of a woman. Nails are seasonal. Summer should be painted in the same color as summer, and in winter, it should also be painted. Put on warm colors, and then come to spend the winter, but everyone must be entangled, winter is here, how to paint nails, and then what color to paint better, don’t panic, I can recommend it to everyone today.

Winter is coming. Do you always feel that the clothes you wear are heavy and dark in color? It doesn't feel good like this, but you can use your nails as an embellishment. However, the direct color I have been using recently is deep scarlet, and this color is really white! It is the kind of purple bean paste color that does not pick the skin. On the contrary, there is a kind of noble and elegant charm, just like a ripe berry. Also, I usually apply a primer before applying this nail polish, which can protect the nails! Generally speaking, crimson is a relatively mature color, and it will look good with fur and woolen coats!

Show Your Nails In Winter!

For dark nails with a slight shimmer, the most important thing is that this dark green with a little shimmer is too suitable for winter! This simple and textured color matches clothes easily and it’s very low-key, connotative, and have a little fairy atmosphere! You can try it!

Show Your Nails In Winter

The frosted Morandi color feels restrained in winter, so I think that red color is too bright, it will break the feeling of winter, and it will hardly match the clothing. There is a name in it, it is called high-grade gray, the purity of the color is reduced, especially in the clothing, it is easy to create a high-level sense, and winter clothing is generally not too colorful, why don’t you wear frosted nails. Do you like this one? The most important thing is that this kind of simple solid-color nails can be applied at home without any problem! Pick a good color and match the matte nail polish with a great effect!

Red nails are also very good, especially in winter, they will look very gentle, and sweaters and everything will match well, and they will look very warm!
Compared with the various colors in summer, there may be a lot of young ladies who will try darker colors in autumn and winter, so I think everyone can choose khaki or brown is a good choice. Good match with clothes, especially in some nude colors, and with some small decorations, it will look more feminine!

Leopard print nails, cold light and warm light are not the same as good-looking, it feels really warm, cute and sexy. Girls who are afraid of not holding the leopard print can start with their nails this winter. You must try leopard print nails. Anyway, there will always be one that suits you! Get your beautiful nails quickly!

Winter milk tea color manicure is super suitable for winter, especially nude color, but you can also choose to skip the color, because it will feel more fashionable, especially when it suits your sweater!

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